Historical marker denoting the location of the cabin of Jacques Vieau, first white man to settle in Manitowoc County.

This plaque, located on Jambo Creek Road, west of Mishicot, reads:

The first white man's house - a trading post - in Manitowoc Co. was built 60 rods south of this marker by Jacques Vieau known among the Indians as Jambo.
Dedicated June 25, 1922.

Vieau, born near Montreal, Quebec, Canada, was heavily involved in the fur trade in the Western Great Lakes region, working for the North West Fur Co. In 1795, the company appointed him an agent and tasked him with establishing trading posts along the western shore of Lake Michigan. This was one of the sites he chose. He also established a warehouse and log cabin in the area that is now Milwaukee, where he spent his winters.

Vieau's son-in-law, Solomon Juneau, who took over Vieau's trading post in the Milwaukee region around 1818, would go on to found the City of Milwaukee.